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WIX-dryBATH-HS Oscillating Thermo Dry Bath

A brief description:

Product features 1.2000rpm ultra-high speed mixing, better mixing effect, faster speed 2. Excellent temperature adjustment range, 15-110℃ 3. Temperature (20-45℃) maximum accuracy 0.5℃ 4. Can carry a variety of Module 5. Support program editing a...

Detailed introduction
WIX-dryBATH-HS Oscillating Thermo Dry Bath

Excellent and accurate system for temperature control with control range of 15℃-100℃.
The deviation is ±0.5℃ under the temperature of 20-45℃.
The maximum rotated speed is 1500 rpm (depending on the specific block).
Various selection of bearing blocks.
Program editing and storage available.
Push-and-pull chucking block connection; The block is adhered to machine automatically without any tools.
Equipped with cover of insulation function block to avoid heat loss.
Technical parameter
Function: Heating and ,mixing.
Temperature range [℃ ]: Minimum : 5℃ more than the room temperature, Maximum 100 ℃
Temperature set range [℃ ] 15℃~100℃
The deviation range [20–45℃ ] ± 0.5℃
Temperature uniformity [20–45℃ ] ± 0.5℃
Maximum heating speed [℃/min] 5.5
Speed adjustment [rpm] 200–1500
Mixing diameter [mm] 3
Screen specification LCD
Maximum program  9
Input voltage 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power 200 W
Time set range: 1min~99h59min
Dimension (mm):  264×183×133 (L×W×H) (excluding block size)
Working environment temperature 5~40℃
Working environment moisture 80%
Heating block accessories
Item No     Specification  Item
18900238        Applicable to 0.5mL centrifugal tube, 24 holes
18900237        Applicable to 1.5mL centrifugal tube, 24 holes
18900239         Applicable to 2mL centrifugal tube, 24 holes
18900240        Applicable to 5mL centrifugal tube, 8 holes
18900241        Applicable to 15mL centrifugal tube, 8 holes
18900242        Applicable to 50mL centrifugal tube, 4 holes
18900243        Applicable to 0.2mL PCR tube
18900244        Applicable to 96/384 plate


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