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WIX TECHNOLOGY BEIJING CO., LTD (WIX for short) was established in 2015. It is a technology-based private manufacturing enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing, marketing, and technology consulting. WIX was accredited by ZHONGGUAN Village and awarded Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate in the year of 2015.
WIX mainly develops and produces instruments in the field of life science including a range of electrophoresis tanks, electrophoresis power supplies, gel imaging systems, semi-dry transfer systems, wet transfer systems and other instruments for life science.
WIX always takes scientific and technological innovation as its purpose, takes user needs as its own responsibility, firmly grasps the opportunity of the rapid development of modern biotechnology, starts with the development of high and new technology, and with differentiated design concepts to continuously develop and produce innovative and technologically advanced laboratory high-end equipment.
In terms of intellectual property management, WIX adheres to the concept of technical innovation, patent first, enterprise development, and strategies for building brand.
In terms of technological innovation, WIX insists on taking the road of industry-university-research alliance with the goal of industrialization. As early as its establishment, WIX has been in close communication with China Agricultural University, Tsinghua University and the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It also vigorously introduces talents with rich social experience to participate in the research and development of new laboratory products with cutting-edge technology. WIX believes that talents as the first strategic resource for technological innovation are the core competitiveness of the rapid development of enterprises.
In the recent past, WIX has provided a variety of laboratory instruments in the field of life science in our country, and has been received good results and praise from clients in various fields of society.
If there is a will, things will come true! ——Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, WIX will serve the life science field of the world with continuous technological innovation and perfect product quality. WIX is committed to creating laboratory equipment manufacturing in the field of life science famous brand.

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