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WIX-SKD180 LCD CNC 3D Shaker

A brief description:

Features 1. Maximum load-bearing weight: 3kg (including fixtures) 2. Speed range: 10~80rpm 3. Time range: 00:01~19:59 (h:min) 4. Double LCD screen, display time and speed separately 5. A variety of brackets and fixtures are available Techni...

Detailed introduction
Technical parameter
Angle of inclination [o] 7°
Maximum load 3kg
Motor type DC motor
Speed range  10~80rpm
Operation model  time set/ continuous operation
Speed indicator LCD
Timer indicator LCD
Time range    1 min-19h59min
Voltage   100~240V,50/60Hz
Power   20W
Weight   3.2kg
Working temperature and moisture 5~40℃, 80%
Dimension (mm): 335×270×140 (L×W×H)
Data access  none


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