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Moisture Mini Vertical Blot
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WIX-miniBLOT4 4-gel Mini Vertical Blot

A brief description:

Features 1. The protein sample can be transferred to nitrocellulose membrane, PVDF membrane and other media quickly and with high quality, and 1-4 transfer clips can be placed at the same time 2. Support high current fast transfer or low cu...

Detailed introduction
Transferring protein sample to nitrocellulose membrane, PVDF membrane 
etc. Four transfer plates are available.
High-current fast transfer and low-current overnight transfer are available.
Built-in freeze block absorbs heat efficiently.
Technical parameter:
◆Transfer size: 110*90mm
◆Quantity: 1-4 piece(s)
◆Platinum electrode: φ0.25mm
◆Dimension: 135×180×180mm (L ×W×H)
1. Platinum wire electrode plate
2. Blot Clips + sponges
*3. Equipped with 1 multi-purpose centrifuge tube support with 91 pieces of different specifications and 1 support for glass plate
*4. 2 cooling units
5. An external circulating cooling power supply can be used together to reduce the temperature during transfer to ensure the transfer effect. 


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