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WIX-EP300 Basic Electrophoresis Power Supply

A brief description:

Features *1. Output type: constant voltage, constant current, constant power *2. Transparent instrument housing with a view of the internal structure *3. Protein function: After the glue is concentrated, the power supply automatically conne...

Detailed introduction
◆ Output: Automatic switch between constant voltage and constant current.
◆ Protein function: Automatic switching from spacer gel mode to separated gel mode, reducing the tedious manual reset.
◆ Safety: Automatic monitor of over-voltage, voltaic arc, no load, sudden change of load, overload, and short circuit. Leakage protection, function of pause.
◆ Others: LCD readable voltage, current, time set. 4-group parallel connection with multi-electrophoresis apparatus.
Technical parameter
◆ Output range: voltage 10-300V; current: 1-400mA; 75 W
◆ Sensitive limit: voltage 1V, current: 1mA
◆ Display mode: 192×64LCD
◆ Time set: 1min–99h59min
◆ Dimension: 300×240×100mm (L×W×H)
◆ Weight: 2.0Kg


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