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Vertical Electrophoresis Cells
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WIX-miniPRO4 Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell

A brief description:

Features *1. It can hold 1-4 pieces of hand-filled gel or precast gel, and complete up to 4 pieces of small gel electrophoresis in 1 hour 2. The side-banding spacer is glued to the long glass plate to ensure accurate alignment of the glass...

Detailed introduction
0.25 mm 99.99% of platinum wire is used, 56% more than diameter of ordinary electrophoresis platinum wire, to improve the life of the product.
Integral injection molding of imported German polycarbonate of plastic accessories, transparent, longer lifetime.
1~4 piece(s) of hand cast gel or pre-cast  gel is(are) available, 4 pieces of gel electrophoresis will be finished within 1 hour.
◆ Gel-making kit ensures the accurate aligning.
◆ Excellent leakproofness.
◆ Thickness and well-marked comb is readable.
◆ Equipped with multi-functional gel scraper.
Technical parameter
◆ Quantity: 1-4 piece(s)
◆ Thickness:1.0mm: 10, 15 wells (standard), 0.75mm: 10 & 15 wells,1.5mm: 10 & 15 wells (optional)
◆ Precast gel: compatible with BIO-RAD mini-PROTEAN TGX
◆ Glass plate dimension: 100×83mm
◆ Gel dimension: 83×73mm
◆ Comb specification: 1.0mm: 10 and 15 wells; 0.75mm: 10 and 15wells; 1.5mm: 10 and 15 wells.
◆ Dimension: 180×130×160mm (L ×W×H)


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