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WIX-autoPP Automatic Western Blot Processing System

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 WIX-autoPP Automatic Western Blot Processing System
It is fully automatic Western Blot processing work station, which finish the closing, incubating, cleaning and recycle of primary antibodies and secondary antibodies automatically to save the laborious working.

The most important and meaningful are: the liquid cleaning reduces the adhesion of secondary antibodies on the membrane, diffuse the background, increase the ratio of signal to noise and sensitivity; automatic operation avoids the errors caused by manual operation to ensure the repeatability within one experiment and between different experiments. High throughput operation and multi-conditions setting assists you to optimize Western Blot experiment condition, such as the proper concentration of antibodies.
1. Automatic, high throughput and good repeatability of experiment.
2. Different sample incubation tanks are controlled by different independent programmes to facilitate the arrangement of experiment.
3. Mechanical arm type for adding primary antibody and secondary antibody.
4. Compact size, large touching screen and humanized design.
5. Fully automated: no need manual operation after the reagent being added.
6. Flexible throughout: 12 sample incubation tanks. Each sample incubation tank is filled with different primary antibodies and secondary antibodies, at most 24 membranes can be incubated simultaneously.
7. Available sizes of sample incubation tanks: 30×80mm, 64×80mm and 98×80mm
8. Automatic recycle of primary antibody and secondary antibody which can be used ten times.
9. Automatic pipe washing and removing the residual reagent when programme being completed.
10. Being programming, the interface indicates the real time condition of every mode.
11. The buffer can be kept in sample incubation tank so as to keep the membrane wet.
12. Open system design, no need for special reagent consumables.
13. The key steps and programme ends with warning tone.
WIX-autoPP is compatible with three different sizes of incubation tanks to be used mixed.
Cat. Number Model Size Size of blotting membrane
  S 30*80MM Mini
  M 64*80MM Midi
  L 98*80MM Max
Application of incubation tank
Model primary antibodies second antibodies Blocking
S 7.5ml 7.5ml 20ml
M 15ml 15ml 40ml
L 20ml 20ml 60ml

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