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WIX-autoPP Automatic Western Blot System

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 ◆Automatic, high throughput and good repeatability of experiment.
◆Different sample trays are controlled by different independent programs to facilitate the arrangement of experiment.
◆Mechanical arm type for adding primary antibody and secondary antibody.
◆Compact size, large touching screen and humanized design.
◆Fully automated: no need manual operation after the reagent being added.
◆Flexible throughout: 12 sample trays. Each sample tray is filled with different primary antibodies and secondary antibodies, at most 12 membranes can be dealt simultaneously.
◆Available sizes of sample trays: 30×80mm, 63×80mm and 96×80mm
◆Automatic recycle of primary antibody and secondary antibody which can be used ten times.
◆Automatic pipe washing and removing the residual reagent when programme ends.
◆Being programming, the interface indicates the real time condition of every mode.
◆The washing buffer can stay in sample tray so as to keep the membrane wet.
◆Compatible with other brand consumables.
◆Compact structure, little space occupation, only 620×355mm
◆The key steps and programme ends with warning tone.
◆Dimension (mm): 555×285×225

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